Easy-to-use, effective products that customers can quickly install themselves, with telephone support should they need it.

Our company was created in response to the needs of the burgeoning amount of vulnerable Senior Citizens in our society. We saw our spouses’ and friends’ predicaments and realized that most of the products currently available were difficult to use or unnecessarily expensive, and so we created a one-stop-shop for electronic support, surveillance, and tracking devices. The adult children of the Elderly love these helpful products.

Our Products

All Purchases include a $200.00 USD Hotel Discount card and 1 Year warranty.

1. Tracker, Fall Device, SOS Button, for the Elderly or Frail:

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The Guardian V10 is a waterproof, two-way communication device that Seniors can wear. Should the Senior fall or push the SOS button, three people of their own choosing with be texted and then called in turn with a real-time Map location. Should the Senior wander (due to dementia) or get lost, we can track them in real time for rescue, preventing death or injury, distress, or being robbed.


2. Silent Witness Clock with Hidden Camera

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Prevent Senior Abuse by caregivers and other s with this useful, inconspicuous, working clock – plug it in or use the rechargeable battery. 32-Gig SD Card included. Motion detection, records up to one week, no WiFi required

3. Outdoor Camera with 30-Gig Hard drive

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Link to Wifi and view in real time on your phone, and/or record what is going on outside the Senior’s home at any time, Night vision, Hi-resolution.

4. Indoor Camera. Keep an eye on Granny – is she OK? Instant view on your phone. Hear and speak to her.

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Plug it in and link to your phone and Wifi in minutes. No installation, no contract, view from multiple phones from anywhere in the world. Two-way sound, night vision. Wide angle 100 degree. Automatic alarm!

5. Indoor Camera Can be manipulated – moved left, tight, up, down – from your phone!

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Plug it in and link to your phone and Wifi in minutes. No installation, no contract, view from multiple phones from anywhere in the world. Hear and see your elderly loved ones and speak to them through the phone! Night vision.

6. The Zimbot Pro is primarily for speakers and presenters – See PresenterSecret.com

What sets us apart?

By providing video support and telephone support to customers, we have overcome the problems customers often have to deal with when dealing with translated Chinese instructions and the lack of technical support available from large companies, many alarm companies, big-box stores, and online sales.

Customers can start using our products within minutes – no installation required, no laborers tramping through your home or business, no contacts to sign.

Easily affordable.

We provide our physical address and telephone numbers; we’re not hidden on the Internet pr anonymous. Plus, we source our products directly from the manufacturers, thereby keeping costs low. 

We are an Incorporated, Registered, Insured Canadian Company based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada at 12194 86th Avenue, Surrey, BC. service Canada and the United States.

PEACE OF MIND for the spouses, relatives, and adult children of Seniors is available now

Falls: Falling is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a Senior and can result In permanent damage or reclusiveness and less activity from fear of another fall.
Our small, personal, hardy Guardian V10 device is waterproof and is carried around the neck. It can be programmed to automatically notify, by text and then by phone call, three different parties directly should a senior fall, with the GPS location coordinates and a map of where the Senior who has fallen is.
The Senior can then talk with the helper via the Guardian V10, like a cell phone!

For example, first the daughter, then a friend, then 911 will be notified. You choose who the contact should be and we will program it for you. This is much better than devices that connect Seniors with Call Centers. Should the daughter not respond to the text message or call, it will go to the friend, and should he not answer, directly to 911. Easily rechargeable through a dock, it will even notify you when it needs recharging!

We also offer indoor and outdoor cameras with two-way voice and see-in-the-dark infrared. Watch from your Smartphone!

Enjoy our full support and our personal help setting your devices up.
See Here

Danger SOS:
Should the Senior experience a "soft" fall and the fall notification is not activated, or if they are in trouble, mugged, afraid, lost, or worried, the Senior can simply push the SOS Button on their Guardian 10 and it will immediately notify the second person on the list you give us (that we programmed into the device.) The Senior will then be able to talk with you through the device and the device will also immediately provide you (or 911 - your choice) with their GPS co-ordinates and a map of where they are. See Here

Should the Senior suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's, they probably won't push the SOS button on their Guardian 10 when they wander, and we know how dangerous it can be. Some are mugged, some fall, some are murdered or beaten up by thugs or never found, they can run out of medication or forget to take it, and psychological damage can ensue. See Here

But you can contact us 24/7/365 and we will locate the person's whereabouts via GPS and a map so that you can get to them or send someone to rescue them right away!

Senior and Senior's Caregiver Video Monitoring via your Smartphone:
We have all heard of Seniors being mistreated by their caregivers or others. Use our indoor and outdoor cameras and a hidden camera to see and hear what is happening in real time on your Smartphone! Speak to them via the camera if you wish. See Here

Video Monitoring of Seniors who are living apart from you, living alone or alone at home while you are at work:

By using our indoor and outdoor cameras, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble, enjoy increased peace of mind, and support your Senior relatives.

You can see and hear what is going on in real time on your Smartphone via our high-tech, easy to use, infra-red (see-in-the-dark) cameras in full, HD color. You can even speak to the Senior through the camera if you wish.

We will even help you set the cameras up - Wi-Fi, plug and play, easy, and much quicker than you may think! See Here